Saturday, June 21, 2014

Somebody comes to you saying they can take all of your most important regrets at the snap of the fingers. You can have a redo. You think about how you could have stuck in university, no having dropped out, avoided all you ex boyfriends, you could have been more dedicated to your studying and your job, you could have not gotten fat. You are happy now because you are with the love of your life  but if all those mistakes went away you would have the perfect life. So agree quickly. The can reset you. You wake up, a new you, an accomplished you who's lead a very boring, yet pretty spotless life. You now have a new past that holds only the past relationships and ex boyfriends you're not ashamed of and you don't regret. You're good at your job and you were a good student. You have to degrees. Extensive knowledge in different languages. A few close relationships with good friends. Ones that you don't regret from the past. You are independent. You are young and beautiful. You are slim. You eat right, you go to the gym. You have a nice wardrobe. You have several coworkers who have a crush on you. But you feel odd. There's something wrong. You don't know what it is but you feel uneasy and confused. It's not the fact that you don't have a boyfriend. You can get one anytime. But you feel a whole in your heart. Life nothing makes any sense. Weeks go by and it doesn't get any better. People sense something's wrong but they leave you be as they have busy lives. You have these strange dreams every night. You dream of a past live in which you were happy with your soul mate. You wake up one morning with all these memories that you don't understand. How could it be. You need to get air. You walk aimlessly around the city until you notice someone watching you. You know them. They told you they could change your life. What have you done? you ask. What;'s happening to me. You asked for this, he said, you should be happy. Then you rember having agreed to the reset. And you feel the despair. This is not my life!!! I want him back, where is he? He tells you that because you undig those regrets your pathway change it a way that you never met him. You can't remember what you regretted because they never happened. But how come you remember him, your life with him, the years you spent in details? He said he doesn't know and that it not something that's supposed to happen. You were't supposed to remember anything. Maybe you do because the love for him was that strong. You tell him you will go look for him and when he sees you he will fall for you again. He tells you not to do that because he's not the same person you remember. Yes's had 4 years in which you were not by his side. He's totally different, He won't love you. Send me back. You only get one redo he says You resign to despair and spend weeks feeling empthy inside. You mourn when no one sees you. This is the perfect past you wanted but it's not the what you needed after all. This perfect life is punishment enough for your rash decision and you


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